Benefits of Trash Valet Management

Trash valet services are becoming more and more popular with property owners because they offer many distinct benefits:

Environmental Benefits

  • Utilizing a trash valet service will improve recycling rates across the community
  • Trash valet services keep communities clean

Community Benefits

  • More time, less mess!
  • Families no longer will argue about whose job it is to take out the trash
  • A safer community thanks to less dangerous incidents in the evening because community members now no longer have to take their garbage to the dumpster

Property Benefits

  • Create a new revenue stream for your building with valet trash services
  • Improve tenant experience and retain tenants for longer with the added value that comes from valet trash services.
  • Trash Valet Management will reduce your tenants’ chores, keeping your tenants happy and giving your community a new amenity which can be used during your sales pitch
  • Valet Trash Management will keep the property clean and will remove one thing from your maintenance team’s list of worries - a messy trash area!

Regardless of your building type, many cities have strict recycling and composting laws. Trash Valet Management can ensure that property owners and tenants remain in compliance with local regulations in your county. In doing so, Trash Valet Management will ensure your property will reduce waste, save time and reduce costs - all while creating a new income stream for property owners. Our solution is equally helpful to multifamily property owners and commercial properties.