How Trash Valet Management Works

Our trash valet experts will provide janitorial services up to 7 nights a week to collect your residents’ trash & recyclables, transporting them cleanly to your designated bulk trash areas. Trash Valet Management can solve your trash problems. Keeping your trash properly sorted isn’t an issue with which you want to burden your maintenance team. Your teams should focus on your residents - Trash Valet Management will take care of the waste.

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Step 1

Residents put their trash and recycling in the bins provided by Trash Valet Management

Step 2

When their bags are full - or when they want to empty their bin - residents tie their bags and place their bins outside their door during the designated collection window in the evening.

Step 3

During the designated collection window, a trash valet expert from Trash Valet Management will come by to collect the residents’ bags from the bins and will take the bagged trash to the community’s designated bulk collection area. That’s it! The residents collect their empty bins from outside their door the next morning to start the process anew.